Having spent the first forty years of my life firstly in fundamental Christianity then Pentecostal and Charismatic groups I was dissatisfied and disillusioned that nowhere could I find the Lord Jesus gaining the oneness' that He prayed for in John's gospel chapter 17.

The year I turned 40 the Lord visited me in a way I had never known Him before I was saved at 7 and 10 years later when I began to meet with Pentecostal groups I received an anointing of the Holy Spirit. Nothing I had experienced earlier however can compare to the reality of Christ to and the love I now have for Him and my fellow believers since I began to meet with the saints who meet only on the ground of the locality where they reside. At the time I fell in love with the Lord in a way I had never known before and my love for Him now is not so much for "What He has done for me" but for "Who He is to me".

My eyes had been somewhat opened a few years earlier through my reading the book "The Glorious Church" by Watchman Nee but to experience the Glorious Church is so much higher than reading about it.

Through the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee I have seen that God's original purpose and intention in the creation of man has never changed (though Satan and Sin entering man has frustrated His purpose) God created man for the restoration of this earth that he might regain dominion over it after its corruption through Lucifers fall from the heavens.

The religious Judaists at the time the Lord Jesus was on the earth only thought that if He was the Messiah then He would immediately bring in the 1000 year Kingdom reign. They were not interpreting the Scriptures correctly missing out the "Day of grace" and the "Time of the gentiles".

Today most Christians only see redemption then resurrection or rapture to Heaven missing out the reward of reigning with descended Christ (Messiah) over this earth for 1000 years. This reward referred to by the Apostle Paul as the "The Prize" that he strove towards is attainable by faith as the overcoming Christians press on to experience regeneration, transformation, conformation and glorification. CA